5 months ago
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This cleanser is double power to remove makeup but so gentle on my skin. I had ran out of my cloud melt and had to use a store bought cleanser until I received my restock. Wow! After using a store bought cleanser I noticed breakouts again and dry/oily skin. I also would see makeup residue come off onto my toner pad. I used my cloud melt tonight and had NO residue on my toner pad. Two days in and my pores have already shrank and my skin is smoother in appearance! Genius product that I will make sure to never run out of again!

2 years ago

thrilled with this product! when middle age creeps in with all its typical issues, this stuff can truly help. the first time I applied night shift my skin felt refreshed. it is not heavy or greasy at all. after using for a month, I’m seeing noticeable improvement to the discoloration, creases and puffiness. my complexion is becoming much smoother and more vibrant. it’s amazing that something so simple can feel so good!!

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