Wait for it...  Looking for a hydrating, barrier-supporting, powerfully brightening single step AM serum that’s never sensitizing on the skin?  C-Shield has you covered.
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This is what Ctrl Z looks like taped to a wall at 8:17am 🙃 pretty cute, but wait until you hear what it can do for your skin.  Ctrl Z is not a slap-you-in-the-face aggressive chemical peel.  It contains *just enough* AHA + BHA + PHA + enzyme to loosen dead surface cells and dissolve oily sebum-clogged pores.  The perfectly balanced exfoliants pave the way for the true stars. Your gently resurfaced skin allows the brightening, detoxifying, plumping and anti-inflammatory actives to penetrate skin more effectively.  The result?  Skin looks less dull, softer, smoother, clearer, brighter, more uniform and more radiant immediately, with cumulative effects over time. Dramatic improvements in skin’s appearance are typically evident in as little as 2 weeks—about 6 uses.  Who needs a skin reset?
6 months ago
C Mysha Webber-Eakin

This is an Amazing cleanser. It goes on creamy and soft and when worked into the skin with a little water actually and truly removes all my makeup, leaving my face thoroughly cleaned and feeling, and Looking!, soft and fresh. I Love it.

10 months ago

This cleanser is double power to remove makeup but so gentle on my skin. I had ran out of my cloud melt and had to use a store bought cleanser until I received my restock. Wow! After using a store bought cleanser I noticed breakouts again and dry/oily skin. I also would see makeup residue come off onto my toner pad. I used my cloud melt tonight and had NO residue on my toner pad. Two days in and my pores have already shrank and my skin is smoother in appearance! Genius product that I will make sure to never run out of again!

11 months ago

So gentle on my skin whilst doing a great job of removing make up. Would definitely recommend.

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