Cucumis Sativus (Cucumber) Fruit Extract

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Cucumber is a cooling, softening, emollient extract boasting actives of vitamin C, caffeic acid (polyphenol and antioxidant), nourishing fatty acids, and toning trace minerals like potassium and sulfur.

Cucumber is a great option for all skin types but is especially lovely for stressed or irritated skin. It may also help combat hyperpigmentation for a brighter complexion and balance sebum production.1

[1] Naveed, Akhtar & Mahmood, Arshad & Barkat, Ali & Khan, Barkat & Mahmood, Tariq & Muhammad, Haji & Khan, Haji M. shoaib & Saeed, Tariq. (2011). Exploring cucumber extract for skin rejuvenation. AFRICAN JOURNAL OF BIOTECHNOLOGY. 10. 1206-1216.


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    replenishing overnight facial: plump + reset

    Ever wish for an “undo” button for your skin? This multitasking facial is it. Powerful actives gently slough dead cells, plump and smooth, deeply detoxify, intensely hydrate, and diffuse the look of tonal and inflammatory imperfections. It’s an all-in-one reset for a juicy, bright, renewed appearance.


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