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known as Diglucosyl Gallic Acid, Brightenyl, Trihydroxybenzoic acid glucoside (THBG)

source biotechnology

function brightening, antioxidant, photoprotective, soothing, reduce visible hyperpigmentation, redness neutralizer

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Diglucosyl Gallic Acid

Diglucosyl gallic acid is an innovative biotech molecule also known as Trihydroxybenzoic acid glucoside (THBG). It is activated by the skin’s microbiome and acts on seven biological targets to visibly brighten, calm, and protect skin from UV damage.1

Diglucosyl gallic acid (THBG) is an alpha-glucoside derivative of THBA (trihydroxy benzoic acid). Once THBG is applied topically, the skin’s enzymatic microbiota partially converts it to THBA.2 In the skin, THBG and THBA function cooperatively to dramatically brighten skin’s appearance and correct signs of yellowness, sallowness, and redness.3

According to the manufacturer, it works via these 7 modes of action1:

inhibits ROS production (antioxidant)

prevents UV-induced DNA damages (antioxidant)

controls the expression of MITF (brightening)

reduces the expression of PGE2 (reduce visible redness)

controls the Nf-kB pathway (anti-inflammatory)

saturates keratinocytes receptors (brightening)

blocks melanin synthesis even under UV conditions (brightening)


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