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known as Ectoine

source Biosynthesis

function soothing, brightening, protective, restorative

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Ectoine is a multifunctional active touted as a “stress-protection molecule.” It is a fermentation-derived amino acid derivative belonging to the group Extremolytes, which are molecules that protect extremophilic microorganisms from their hostile habitats.1 These extreme conditions can include drastic temperatures, salinity, and pH levels such as what you’d find in hot springs, salt lakes, and the like. The presence of extremophiles in nature can also produce brilliantly vibrant colors.

Benefits of Ectoine are numerous. It protects from pollution and light, smooths and brightens skin’s appearance, calms and soothes visible redness and irritation, and supports a healthy microbiome. Not only great for leave-on products, Ectoine can dramatically reduce the irritation protential of cleansing systems.2 Skin feels soothed and protected with a noticeably brighter, rejuvenated look.


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