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Lauryl Glucoside

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Lauryl glucoside is a plant-based surfactant produced by combining coconut or palm oils with corn glucose. It is a very mild surfactant that helps to disperse the other ingredients in a formula.

In our case, Lauryl Glucoside is the surfactant portion of a multifunctional liquid thickener and emulsifier. This liquid thickener is a polyacrylate polymer dispersed using lauryl glucoside (surfactant) in an oil phase of hydrogenated polydecene. It helps hold the oil and water phases of a formula together while increasing viscosity.

The oily liquid polymer delivers an elegant sensory experience with an enjoyable spreading, cascading effect and a soft, non-tacky skin feel. It has good stability in the presence of electrolytes so is a great option for formulas with a high concentration of active ingredients.


Products with Lauryl Glucoside