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Palmitoyl Isoleucine

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Palmitoyl Isoleucine, a lipoamino acid, is derived from the naturally occurring essential amino acid isoleucine. It is known for its ability to support tissue repair, improve skin elasticity, and lift vital proteins in the skin. It visibly plumps skin to add volume to cheeks and fill fine lines and wrinkles. This unique technology targets volume cells (adipocyte) & firming cells (fibroblast). It also acts as a powerful detoxifying and anti-pollution agent by stimulating proteasome activity.1

[1] Cattuzzato L., Chevrot N., Dumont S., and Stoltz C. (2010), Use of isoleucine N-hexadecanoyl as a “volumizing” and/or “plumping” agent for human skin. US9687431B2.


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