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Plankton Extract

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known as green microalgae, phytoplankton

source Fresh Arctic Water microalgae (Iceland)

function total skin restoration

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Plankton Extract (DNA Repair Enzymes)

There are about 5,000 known types of marine phytoplankton in our world. When we consider this rich biodiversity, along with the numerous extraction methods and advanced post-processing techniques available today, the possibilities of phytoplankton in skincare applications are theoretically endless. From brightening to cellular repair, scientists can make phytoplankton do many incredible things for the skin. Among phytoplankton’s talents is being a source of DNA repair enzymes.

Our formula’s DNA repair enzymes are derived from two types of plankton: haematococcus pluvialis and chlorella vulgaris. Both of these microalgae are very nutrient-rich. First, haematococcus pluvialis is a potent source of astaxanthin, a powerful antioxidant with tyrosinase-inhibiting properties. Next, chlorella vulgaris is a rich source of carotenoids.

This specialty DNA repair enzyme extraction is encapsulated in a lecithin delivery mechanism to ensure optimal stability and skin penetration. Specifically developed to deliver peak activity while you sleep, these enzymes do not require UV light or cellular energy (ATPs) to be activated—whereas most DNA repair enzymes do.

The three enzymes, UVDE (UV Damage Endonuclease), OGG1 (Oxoguanine Glycosylase), and TRX (Thioredoxin), function by enhancing both DNA repair and antioxidant systems to provide noticeable improvements in the skin. Impressively, manufacturer’s studies show keratinocyte repair more than doubles over 8 hours of sleep, and visible improvements in skin radiance, firmness, and smoothness are evident in as little as ten days.

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