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known as pomegranate oil

source seed

function emollient, protective, anti-inflammatory, regenerative

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Punica Granatum (Pomegranate) Seed Oil

Pomegranate oil has a unique luscious feel and is rich in vitamin K plus an abundance of protective polyphenolic compounds such as punicic acid, flavonoids, anthocyanidins and tannins. It’s an antioxidant powerhouse that’s great at neutralizing free radicals before they can cause damage in skin cells.  Pomegranate oil is prized for its anti-cancer qualities thanks to the high concentration of punicic acid (Omega 5).1 It’s also a potent anti-inflammatory due to it containing the compound CLA–conjugated linoleic acid.

In addition to its protective qualities, pomegranate oil promotes the regeneration of new skin cells. Topical application has shown to stimulate keratinocyte proliferation.2 Keratinocytes are the skin cells that produce keratin, which is the structural material that makes up and protects human skin. More keratin = stronger, healthier skin.


[1] Dwivedi, Chandradhar (2003/10/01). Chemopreventive Effects of Pomegranate Seed Oil on Skin Tumor Development in CD1 Mice. Journal of Medicinal Food, 6, 157-161. doi: 10.1089/10966200360716553

[2] Varani, James (). Pomegranate as a cosmeceutical source: Pomegranate fractions promote proliferation and procollagen synthesis and inhibit matrix metalloproteinase-1 production in human skin cells. , 103, 311-318.

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