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Sodium phytate is the sodium salt of phytic acid. It is generally used to help stabalise products, but in larger concentrations can provide a skin-lightening effect. It can also help moisturise, improve skin elasticity, and balance oily skin. Phytic acid is found abundantly in plant tissues, especially bran and seeds, where it acts as the principal storage form of phosphorus.

Sodium Phytate is an all-natural chelating agent. Chelating agents bind to free metals and stabalise the product by helping to prevent undesirable metal-catalyzed reactions.  It often helps avoid discoloration and rancidity caused by metals present in formulations and it works synergistically with other antioxidants.

At concentrations over 0.5%, sodium phytate is an effective lightener of discoloration and age spots. It stimulates the naturally occurring exfoliation of hyperpigmented cells on the skin’s surface and reduces melanin synthesis in newly emerging epidermis cells (through the inhibition of the tyrosinase enzyme activity).


Products with Sodium Phytate

  • Cloud Melt

    Hybrid Cleanser: cleanse + balance

    An impurity dissolving, makeup-removing balm and nourishing gel cleanser in one—this ultra-gentle, pH balanced formula gives a luxurious cleansing experience that rinses clean and leaves your skin barrier happy.

  • C-Shield

    antioxidant serum: protect + brighten

    Next-level protection from damaging free radicals and environmental stressors with a bouncy, hydrated finish. This antioxidant cocktail visibly brightens, evens skin tone and softens texture for a radiant, youthful glow.

  • Beam Me Up

    reparative hydra cream: illuminate + mend

    The royal treatment for stressed, lacklustre skin. A light, nutrient-packed hydrating cream to soothe redness and irritation, rebuild barrier strength and boost elasticity. Visibly brighten with powerful antioxidant protection for plump, happy, glowing skin.

  • Night Shift

    tone balancing treatment: restore + correct

    Enhance luminosity overnight while working to boost skin integrity. Combat visible signs of photoaging, alleviate the appearance of redness, refine texture and deeply hydrate for a noticeably brighter, more even complexion.


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