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known as tripeptide-29

source synthetically derived from seaweed; glycine + proline + hydroxyproline

function supports collagen synthesis, smoothing, anti-wrinkle, barrier support

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Tripeptide-29 is a signalling peptide that supports the skin’s collagen creation process. It helps soften the appearance of fine lines while making skin look and feel plumper, more elastic, and hydrated. Tripeptide-29 is formed from three components: amino acids glycine and proline, and amino acid derivative hydroxyproline.

Tripeptide-29 is unique in a few ways. First, it is produced synthetically—it’s synthesized from seaweed, to be specific.1 This technology ensures its purity (or concentration of active) is near 100%. Most peptides are formed by cleaving collagen into its parts, so we end up with lots of different things in solution that are then separated as needed. Producing tripeptide-29 synthetically means a more efficient and waste-free process.

Secondly, its molecular weight of 285 Daltons is very low for a peptide.1 This means it has a better chance of penetrating the skin to where it can get to work (aka improved bioavailability).

Tripeptide-29 is a promising smoothing peptide. Manufacturer’s in vitro tests show capability of increasing synthesis of type I collagen by 400% after 48 hours.1 That said, there hasn’t been a lot of research done in vivo (on people).


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