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known as Neurophroline, wild indigo extract

source plant

function anti-stress, redness neutralizer, luminosity booster

find it in

Tephrosia Purpurea (Wild Indigo) Seed Extract (Neurophroline)

Trade named Neurophroline, this proprietary antioxidant extract of wild indigo is uniquely suited to neutralize redness, boost luminosity, and combat visible effects of environmental stressors. It achieves this through management of cortisol levels in the skin.

Cortisol can be triggered by insufficient sleep, stress, and pollution. High levels of cortisol stress in the skin can cause excess oil production, dehydration, and various skin conditions. Neurophroline effectively breaks down excessive cortisol production to visibly improve evenness and brightness of skin tone in as little as two weeks.

In ex vivo studies from the manufacturer, this extract has shown amazing results combating skin irritations from environmental stressors. They measured stimulation of anti-stress markers in the skin (HMOX1 and NQO1 proteins) after two days of Neurophroline use; their activity increased by over 500%. Their studies also show significantly enhanced skin luminosity in only 2 weeks with up to a 57% improvement in one month. It’s a great option for treating the appearance of environmentally triggered skin redness and dark circles under the eyes.

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