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Remy is eco-conscious, ultra-soft, and Cloud Melt‘s best friend. It’s a plush and reusable replacement for your facial cloth AND those pesky disposable makeup wipes!

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More about Remy

Remy is an environmentally friendly, ultra-gentle, super effective (and cute!) reusable face wipe. It’s Cloud Melt‘s best friend and is the perfect compliment to your cleansing routine.

Add warm water to your Remy and use it to:

  • Remove Cloud Melt after your first or second cleanse. It’s especially helpful for removing every last bit of residue from around the hairline and neck.
  • Assist in gently dissolving stubborn makeup from the eye area and lips.
  • Easily remove your favourite mask after a pampering session.
  • Throw in your bag for a quick freshen up after the gym, traveling, or any time of day.
How to care for Remy

Each time you use Remy, follow by rinsing with soap and hang to dry. Then, as desired, Remy can be washed in the washing machine & dryer (skip the fabric softener!). Remy is good for up to 200 uses!

Visit Remy’s website or check out their Instagram for more information.

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