What sunscreen should I use?

Do I really need sunscreen every day? Even in winter? When it’s raining? When I’m inside all day?

Sunscreen is your first line of defence against damaging UVA (mostly aging) and UVB (mostly burning) rays. Physical (mineral) and chemical (organic) Sunscreen work mainly by absorbing UV rays and converting them to a safe level of heat before they impact your skin.

UVA rays can penetrate windows and clouds, so even when you’re sitting in that office, in your car, on a plane—wear sunscreen!

Still not convinced? Consider this: UV rays are the single biggest cause of premature aging. If you’re investing in skincare and diligently following a routine, Don’t risk undoing your hard work. Wear sunscreen!

The best sunscreen for you is one you’re happy to use every day.

How do I find the one?

There are many, many options that can meet your sun protection needs. Experiment to find a consistency and formula that works best with your skin, and Shoot for spf 30 or greater.

Cancer Council Australia states one full teaspoon is needed to effectively cover face, neck and ears—so don’t short yourself! Less is NOT more when it comes to SPF. Remember to apply 20 minutes prior to sun exposure and ideally reapply every 2 hours.

As an aside, It’s not recommended to rely on the SPF in your makeup alone. You’d have to apply an excessive amount (remember: one tsp!) to attain the SPF rating stated on the packaging.

Sunscreen options to Consider.
  • a mineral-based option. Your answer if you want to keep it natural. These can sometimes feel a bit weighty on the skin and leave a slight white cast, but There are exceptions!
  • an “invisible” sunscreen. These are usually silicone-based chemical sunscreens. They live up to their name if you’re not fond of the typical heavy sunscreen feel. Also great for deeper skin tones.
  • a tinted or clear moisturiser with SPF. There are some beautiful hybrid formulas becoming available. If you go the tinted route, ensure you’re applying enough for proper SPF protection!
reapplication ideas.
  • setting spray with spf. probably your quickest option for a top up.
  • translucent finishing powder with spf. a great mattifying booster if your skin tends to be on the oily side.
  • want to reapply your regular sunscreen? try using a dense makeup sponge with a tapping technique to press into skin with minimal impact to makeup. check out hannah (@ms_hannah_e), australia’s resident spf beauty guru, for some great tips.
Looking for brand suggestions?

A few of our favourites are Ultra Violette (Australia) and Supergoop! (USA), but there are many more great brands to explore.

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