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We’re here to demystify the often tedious and tumultuous process of building an effective skincare routine. We like to refer to our potent, streamlined formulas as intelligent alchemy.

Our range focuses on coupling benefits that encompass all skin tones, types, and genders in a powerful way. Elegant, intentional formulations based on forward-thinking cosmetic science and the best of nature’s offerings–all selectively concocted by hand in small batches to assure quality and care. Skincare shouldn’t be a chore. We hope to make your daily ritual just a little bit sweeter.

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what is intelligent alchemy?

Results-driven, multitasking skincare consciously curated from the best of science and nature. It’s no-nonsense luxury for your skin.

cipher intelligent alchemy: vegan, cruelty free, highly active and science driven

key points

focus on actives

We’ve built our formulas to support the active ingredients that make an impact. We include clinically proven actives at effective and safe levels. Then, we boost their impact with complementary, powerful extracts and oils from nature.

We believe the key to unlocking your best skin is through optimising skin hydration + barrier health. Because of this, you’ll find it’s a prime quality of our formulations. Your skincare should have it all: effective, healthy, and completely luxurious.

gentle ingredients

First off, we’re adamant that “chemical” is not a dirty word. Know why? Everything is a chemical! Natural things, synthetic things—all chemicals. It’s about selecting which chemicals benefit our skin and bodies most (and that’s not always easy).

Ingredients proven to have a gentle, positive impact on skin health are our focus. For this reason, all Cipher products are meticulously formulated to bring the perfect harmony between intensive actives and nurturing soothers.

ph balanced

Ensuring formula pH is in line with the active ingredients it holds is critical to optimizing both effectiveness and tolerance. For example, alpha hydroxy acids can become medical grade (read: potentially unsafe) when pH is less than 3.0. On the other hand, they are completely ineffective above pH 5.5.

We take great care to ensure the pH of every batch is optimally balanced to produce effective, safe formulas.

transparency + trust

Community is important to us. We want you to feel comfortable and confident in your skincare choices.

We aim to cultivate trust through transparency and honesty and believe a great avenue toward achieving this is through sharing knowledge.

Rather than relying on of-the-moment buzzwords, we try to break down our formulas in an informative and straightforward way. Our ingredients are specifically selected to:

  • actively support healthy, resilient skin,
  • help stabilise and boost efficacy of those powerful actives, and
  • optimise the delivery of actives.

You know what to expect from each sophisticated formula and hopefully learn a bit along the way. Want to know more? You can find full definitions of every intentional ingredient in our products by simply tapping through the ingredient list.

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