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Texture Pack


The duo for acne-prone skin dealing with bumps, breakouts, and the pigmented marks left behind. Elude damage by day, resurface by night, and fight spots 24/7.

  • C-Shield

    An all-in-one serum to dynamically brighten through synergistic preventative and corrective action. A powerful antioxidant complex shields from free radical damage while tone-correcting actives diminish visible blemishes, redness, and dark spots. Multi-molecular weight hydrators deeply replenish. Skin is instantly quenched and discolourations softened for a glowing, healthful look.

  • Ctrl Z

    An advanced resurfacing treatment to dynamically recondition skin’s appearance. An intelligent blend of direct acid, enzyme, and non-acid exfoliants soften visible blemishes, hyperpigmented spots, pores, and texture. Brightening and firming actives amplify a supple, smooth radiance in newly emerging skin for unmatched facial-like results overnight.