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Pigment Pack I

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A powerhouse combo for targeting post-inflammatory pigmentation of all sorts.

Brighten, resurface, and restore holistic skin balance.

  • Ctrl Z

    An advanced resurfacing treatment to dynamically recondition skin’s appearance. An intelligent blend of direct acid, enzyme, and non-acid exfoliants soften visible blemishes, hyperpigmented spots, pores, and texture. Brightening and firming actives amplify a supple, smooth radiance in newly emerging skin for unmatched facial-like results overnight.

  • Night Shift

    A comprehensive remedy to support healthy, vibrant skin resistant to sensitivity. A unique focus on holistic revitalisation allows potent actives to brighten and blur pigmented spots while skin-strengthening factors neutralise redness, plump fine lines, and build supple resilience. Skin feels calm and nourished with a balanced, even radiance.