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refining antioxidant serum: refine + protect

A featherweight all-in-one serum to intensely brighten, hydrate, and smooth the look of skin without irritation. A proprietary antioxidant complex protects from oxidative stress, unique actives softly refine skin’s appearance, and barrier support ensures resilience and vitality.


*Free radicals have left the chat*

Discover a fresh approach to your morning ritual with this remarkably concentrated 35% active treatment. Suspended within a silky, light, hydrating gelée delivery system, our uniquely unconventional, ultra-potent antioxidant complex provides full-spectrum protection from environmental stressors—the culprit behind photoaging. This advanced formula simultaneously shields skin while dynamic actives refine hyperpigmented spots, pores, and texture. Finally, multi-molecular weight hydrators fortify the skin’s barrier to ensure a supple, bouncy finish that lasts.

Antioxidants protect by neutralizing free radicals: unstable, reactive molecules that can accelerate cellular damage, causing visible effects in our skin. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant, but it is also renowned for its ability to restore firmness, promote a bright and even tone, and stimulate collagen synthesis. Two stable and bioavailable derivatives of vitamin C, sodium ascorbyl phosphate + ascorbyl glucoside, deliver this potent ingredient without the sting or irritation associated with traditional l-ascorbic acid. Not only great for sensitive types—this formula shines on congested, acne-prone skin as it combats visible breakouts without irritation.

The antioxidant synergies of our unique blend are what make this innovative, multi-level defense system extraordinary. White pine bark, sourced for its proanthocyanidins (OPC), boosts vitamin C‘s effectiveness, enhances photoprotection of sunscreen, and improves skin elasticity. Green coffee seed has smoothing, firming, and regenerating qualities thanks to its high concentration of chlorogenic acids (CGA). We complete the story with hero antioxidant superoxide dismutase (SOD), a talented enzyme that neutralizes damaging superoxide radicals while reducing visible redness and irritation in the skin. C + OPC + CGA + SOD = the ultimate antioxidant alliance.

This complete transformative treatment effectively refines texture and tone for a smooth, clear, glass-skin appearance. Sustainably derived prebiotic freshwater microalgae support wound healing for accelerated restoration of visible blemishes. The novel active yeast oligopeptide gently boosts cell turnover to retexturize and reveal the vibrant, glowing complexion beneath. The elegant polysaccharide of tremella mushroom adds intensive nutritive hydration with its soft, jelly-like texture. Hyaluronic acid, comforting allantoin, and barrier-boosting niacinamide join forces for sustained moisture balance and a dewy, plump finish. Shield skin daily from multiple signs of cellular damage including fine lines, uneven tone, and loss of elasticity with this luscious, thirst-quenching, all-in-one serum.